Socceroos Out

On Thursday, in Brazil, as part of the world cup, the Socceroos played Netherlands. As it was the third time they have lost and now they are out of the competition. They had a game against Spain two weeks ago but it didn’t mater if they won or not because they wouldn’t be into the finals (by the way, they lost).

Although they lost, they still played great! Tim Cahill kicked a lovely goal that sent the Socceroos fans roaring! I personally think it was the best goal in soccer history!  That made the scores 2-1 with Australia in the lead. But unfortunately Netherlands kicked two more goals which won them the match.

You have got to watch Tim Cahill’s goal, he is my favourite player. If you want to watch the video, click here or here or here. I think Chile will win the cup and I hope Australia keep trying!

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Do you think Tim Cahill’s goal is the best ever goal in soccer history?

Who is you favourite soccer player?

What team do you think will win the cup?