Essendon Win Dreamtime Clash

On Saturday night, in the A.F.L which this week was an
Aboriginal round, Essendon played Richmond at the M.C.G (Melbourne Cricket Ground). It wasn’t just a normal game, it was Dreamtime at The G. It is a game where we think of all aboriginals in the A.F.L and also in Australia.  Essendon ended up winning by 50 odd points. It was a great game to watch and there were great things to here about.

Do you know anyone aboriginal?

Do you know any thing else about the aboriginal round?

Did you go to the game? If yes, what was good & bad? 


NOTE: This was meant to be posted weeks ago.


Out for 3

As you can see in the post bellow,  Steel Sidebottom bumped a St Kilda player. It would have hurt but as I said- it wasn’t that bad. The A.F.L made the decision and he got suspended for 3 weeks which meant he had to miss 3 games.

If you want to see the bump click here.


After seeing the bump, do you think he should be suspended?

What is the worst bump you have ever seen?

Sidebottom in Trouble

Last night in the AFL when Collingwood Magpies played St Kilda Saints, Steel Sidebottom (a Collingwood player) bumped into Maverick Weller (a St Kilda Player) in the opening 5 seconds of the game. The umpire reported him which meant he might have to face missing a couple of weeks. As the pictures shows bellow, he bumped into him fairly hard.

Steel sidbottom bump

Steel sidbottom bump (2)

I don’t think he should miss any games. He didn’t really get his head hit that hard.

Do you think he should miss any games, if yes how many?

Have you seen any other bad bumps this year?