For those who don’t know, AFL is a very popular Australian sport played between March and September.

There are 18 teams and 23 rounds. In each round every team plays another team. If a team wins they get 4 points, if they lose they get no points and if they draw both teams get 2 points. There is also a ladder. No, not a normal ladder that you can climb on, it’s a list of all the teams. The team at the top is the team with the most points and the team with the least points is obviously at the bottom.

At the end of all the rounds, all the teams in the top 8 on the ladder are in to the finals. That then means the bottom 10 teams will miss out on the finals and are kicked out of the competition. In the finals the 8 teams play other teams. Look bellow to see who plays what team, when and where.

finals syestem (AFL

This is the AFL finals system.
P.S If you can’t see it that well type in “AFL finals system Wikipedia” on Google search and click on the first link, it will be easier to see.


You are probably wondering what you have to do in AFL. Well there’s lots of rules. But, the aim of the game is to kick the ball through the two middle sticks. If you get the ball in the middle sticks it is worth 6 points but if you miss and it goes through the points posts it is only worth 1 point.


You’re also probably wondering what the teams are. The teams are all different states and cities around Australia. The teams are:

Adelaide Crows 

Brisbane Lions

Carlton Blues

Collingwood Magpies

Essendon Bombers

Fremantle Dockers

Geelong Cats

Gold Coast Suns

Greater Western Sydney Giants

Hawthorn Hawks

Melbourne Demons

North Melbourne Kangaroos

Port Adelaide Power

Richmond Tigers

St Kilda Saints

Sydney Swans

West Coast EaglesWestern Bulldogs


I can’t really tell you much more about AFL because there are SOOOOO many rules. Maybe you could do some research on it?


What is your favourite AFL Team?

Have you heard of AFL before? (you probably have if you live in Australia!)

11 thoughts on “AFL

  1. Hi bailey,
    Nice blog, it looks better than mine, but I’ll keep working on it. My faviroute team is hawthorn by the way.
    Have to go,
    From George

  2. Hi Bailey,
    Your blog looks so cool! I liked your pets, your Voki and the colours on the blog.

    I enjoy watching AFL and also enjoy playing it every now and again. My favourite team is Collingwood (used to be Essendon) and my Dad goes for what ever team that is on top of the ladder!!

    Got to go,
    From Brayden

    • Hi Brayden,
      Thanks for the comment! 🙂
      It is pretty funny that your dad goes for the team on top of the ladder! That should be illegal! I hope you and Collingwood have a good year 🙂
      From Bailey

    • Hi Grandpa,
      Thanks for your comment! I always like having lots of comments 🙂
      As I speak, I’m actually watching the game, its very close! I hope Bulldogs win!
      Did you have a look around and learn anything about sport?
      Is there any thing you would change on my blog?
      Once again, thanks for your comment 🙂
      From Bails (Bailey) 🙂
      P.S If you wanted to reply to me and you didn’t know how to, just press the reply button above this comment.

      • Hi Bailey,
        I don’t want to change any thing about your blog, everything’s great!
        I am watching the end of the Bulldogs game. I have your grandmother here and she is making sooooo much noise that I have to look at it. Bulldogs could win today, it’s very close!
        Say hello to all for me! 🙂

        • Hi Grandpa,
          I watched most of the Bulldogs game and Bulldogs did great! They played hard so they won! It was a very good game to watch.
          My mum was making heaps of noise to! She was going crazy!
          Thank for you comment 🙂
          From Bails (Bailey)

  3. Hi Bailey,

    Yes – I am a Western Bulldogs fan too, just like your grandma and grandpa. Loved it that they beat the Pies yesterday, lol. Doesn’t happen very often. I love your blog and I love that you are interested in still updating it. Very informative. Good job.

    From Mum (Katia) 🙂

    • Hi Mum,
      Thankyou for your comment! You have now done YOUR first comment on my blog!

      I also liked how Western Bulldogs one too! But Essendon lost against Melbourne 🙁 At least we still played!
      Have a good night and will see you now 🙂
      From your son, Bails (Bailey)

  4. Hi,
    As a Western Bulldogs supporter I was so pleased that they had a win over Collingwood on Sunday afternoon. I watched the game on TV. I thought it was one of the better games of football for this season. It was highly entertaining and the speed and skills of the teams made it good viewing.
    I must say I enjoy your blog very much Bailey and look forward to checking on it again soon.
    See ya later,

  5. Hi Bailey,
    Bad luck about essendon loosing by point. Anyway, getting sick of all this essendon talk, why don’t they just drop it! It would be much better for all the players and the club.
    From Bert (Baileys Grandpa)

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