ICC Cricket World Cup

A few weeks ago, one of the biggest sporting events of 2015 began. The ICC Cricket World Cup that is. This is a cricket cup that goes for a while and only happens every four years.

There are 7 teams in a pool. No ! That is not a swimming pool I am talking about, it is two groups of the teams. Every team in pool A and pool B plays each other once. After that is then finals time where the top four from each pool play each other. Click  HERE to go onto the official website of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 which will give you information and live scores.

I hope Australia will win (they’re are warm favourites as well as New Zealand).

I will have many, many  updates on this special event all through out the month. It is a very important event for me and I hope it is for you!

Who do you think will win the world cup this year?

Who are some of your favourite players in the world cup?



ICC Cricket World Cup Logo

ICC Cricket World Cup Logo


3 thoughts on “ICC Cricket World Cup

  1. Bailey old son…..undoubtedly (unless it rains!) the side who makes the most runs will win the ball game!!
    Seriously, Australia are a big chance and we will be there to see it.
    Go Aussies!

  2. Hello Bailey,
    I know nothing about cricket except you have to make runs and hit the ball.
    Happy Blogging!
    From Kaitlyn
    P.S I like your blog

    • Hello Kaitlyn,
      Thanks heaps for commenting on my blog 🙂
      It’s fine that you don’t know anything about cricket, I don’t event know what to do in basketball except you can’t run without bouncing the ball!
      Do you still have your blog?
      From Bailey

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