Sidebottom in Trouble

Last night in the AFL when Collingwood Magpies played St Kilda Saints, Steel Sidebottom (a Collingwood player) bumped into Maverick Weller (a St Kilda Player) in the opening 5 seconds of the game. The umpire reported him which meant he might have to face missing a couple of weeks. As the pictures shows bellow, he bumped into him fairly hard.

Steel sidbottom bump

Steel sidbottom bump (2)

I don’t think he should miss any games. He didn’t really get his head hit that hard.

Do you think he should miss any games, if yes how many?

Have you seen any other bad bumps this year?

6 thoughts on “Sidebottom in Trouble

  1. Hey Bailey, its Brian here,

    I think he should have missed about 3-4 games that’s for Sidebottom.
    I also think that Gary Ablett should stay in the side. I have not seen any big bumpes this year so I guess there is nothing to say for now!

    See you soon, Brian 🙂

  2. I think Steele Sidebottom should be found guilty because his feet left the ground on impact which is against the rules. I also think it was his intention at the beginning of the game to “pick’ the opposition player off!

  3. Hey Bailey,
    We really like your blog.
    Which player do you think will win the Brownlow medal?

    From Xavier and Daniel

    • Hey Boys,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog!
      That is a good question about the Brownlow medal. I think it will probably be Nat Fyfe but I think he will be missing a few weeks with his leg injury. Todd Goldstein is also a big chance. Who do you think will win the Coleman? I think Josh Kennady (WC)
      From Bailey 🙂

      • Hey bailey,
        I agree with think Josh Kennedy will win it as well who else would you pick besides Josh Kennedy?

        From Xavier 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Thanks for replying boys,
          Maybe Eddie Betts, Lance Franklin or Josh Bruest.
          Another question is…
          Who do you think will win the Grand Final this year? I think Hawthorn will play West Coast and win the Grand Final.

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