Ablett Clear

Gary Ablett is one of the best AFL* players of all time and almost had to miss a game of two for elbowing Liam Picken (an AFL player) in the face. If he had have missed a week, he wouldn’t have been able to win the Brownlow Medal. The Brownlow medal is a special award given to one player every year, the player that has played the best. Ablett wasn’t guilty and he didn’t get suspended (missing at least one game). And I don’t think he should have either.

If you would like to see the video of him doing it, click here.

Do you think he should have been clear? 


What is the worst bump you have ever seen?


2 thoughts on “Ablett Clear

  1. I think it is the correct decision that Ablett getting cleared, nothing in it.
    Answering your other question….The Biggest hit I can remember is Stan Magro taking out Jezza in about 1979/80- massive hit,it would get 6 weeks at least today because in those days it was really rough!! I have got a link to it on you tube:

  2. Hi dad,
    Thanks so much for your comment! I saw the video and it looked soooooooo bad. Your right, it would have been 6 weeks today and it was definitely rough!
    Again- thanks for you comment 🙂
    From your son: Bailey

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