Sports Day Cancelled

On Thursday I was meant to be at Kilmore for the whole school Athletics Day. I was very excited about it until I found out that it was cancelled because of the rain. We now have one at school this Friday and I look forward to it.

At athletics day our school does:

-Long Jump

-High Jump

– Triple Jump


– Sprinting (my personal fav)

– Discus

-Shot put

– Captain Ball

-Over under

– Tunnel Ball

– Cross Ball

What is your favourite sport on the list?

Do you have a whole school athletics day?

If yes, what sports do you do there?

I really like Athletics and hope you do too!


2 thoughts on “Sports Day Cancelled

  1. Hi Bailey,
    What a pain that your sports day was cancelled, I hate that when you’re really looking forward to something and then it doesn’t go ahead, it can be really disappointing.
    Well, we are in our summer term, and traditionally in English schools there will be a sports day at the end of the summer term. However, because we are a small school, we have a bit of a problem with running races… there just aren’t enough children! And the same sporty ones win all the races. Which is nice if you’re sporty, but a bit demoralising if you’re not. So… our sports day is a little bit different. We divide all the children into mixed age teams, and we design 12 different challenges which the groups go through together, scoring points. They have a joker which they can play to double their points on one activity. There are things like… hook a duck, beanbag race, wet welly race, obstacle race… it’s just a lot of fun outdoors, but it’s not very competitive.
    You are obviously quite a sporty guy, what do you think of that? Do you prefer running races with winners or losers, or would you like that kind of sports day? I think sporty people would prefer races to win, but non-sporty people like being in a team to do the activities.
    What distance do you sprint? What’s your best time? Do you usually win, or is the competition good?
    I love watching athletics, and I enjoy all the things on your list but I’ve never won a race in my life!!!
    Kind regards,
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,
      Thankyou very much for your comment! I don’t get any comments from different country’s – until now! You are the first person from a different country to comment on my blog 🙂

      The way your athletics system works is a lot different to mine, but it still seems very fun!
      You are right I love sport! Lots of people think I love sport by the way I talk (including you 🙂 ) I would prefer to run in a race with winners and losers, but it doesn’t really matter if you loose, you don’t win any thing. We now do it just for fun because sport is fun! 🙂
      In our 5/6 sprints we sprint about 70m My best time was- I think 8 seconds.

      Once again,
      Thank you very much for the comment.

      Bails (Bailey)

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