Australia In To The Finals

The Australian ICC Cricket World Cup team has made it to the finals. They will now play  Pakistan this Friday at Adelaide oval.

So, what do you think of Australia’s performance in the world cup so far? They have won four, lost one and had one game washed out. Aaron Finch has made a century as well as David Warner and Glenn Maxwell. Also, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke, Steve Smith and James Faulkner have all been making runs.  Mitchell Starc is the leading wicket taker in the competition with 16 wickets.

If Australia wins this match they will play the winner of another final. If they win that, they will be in the Grand Final!

Good luck to Australia hey?

What do you think of Australia’s performance so far in the World Cup?


ICC Cricket World Cup

A few weeks ago, one of the biggest sporting events of 2015 began. The ICC Cricket World Cup that is. This is a cricket cup that goes for a while and only happens every four years.

There are 7 teams in a pool. No ! That is not a swimming pool I am talking about, it is two groups of the teams. Every team in pool A and pool B plays each other once. After that is then finals time where the top four from each pool play each other. Click  HERE to go onto the official website of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 which will give you information and live scores.

I hope Australia will win (they’re are warm favourites as well as New Zealand).

I will have many, many  updates on this special event all through out the month. It is a very important event for me and I hope it is for you!

Who do you think will win the world cup this year?

Who are some of your favourite players in the world cup?



ICC Cricket World Cup Logo

ICC Cricket World Cup Logo


Its been a while!

Hello everyone!

It has been a very long time since I have done a post on my blog! There has been many sport related things that has happened since the end of June and here they are:

July 2014

-AFL premiership season continues

-NRL premiership season continues

-FIFA World Cup 2014 [Germany (1) played Argentina (0)]

August 2014

-AFL premiership season continues

-NRL premiership season continues

September 2014

-AFL finals series (grand final: Hawthorn won by 63 points against Sydney in the grand final)

-NRL finals series (South Sydney Rabbitohs won in grand final)

October 2014

-Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix

– Spring Racing Carnival

November 2014

-Phil Hughes (Australian and state cricketer) death (was struck by a bouncer)

-Big Bash League (BBL) starts

– Spring Racing Carnival

-Melbourne Cup

December 2014

-ICC- 4 Test matches Australia V India (including boxing day test) (Aus. won the series 2-2)

-BBL continues

January 2015

-BBL continues, finals series (Perth Scorchers won of the last ball while Brett Lee was on a hat-trick on his last ball of his career.) Click here to watch the last over of the match .

-Tri Series (Australia, England and India) Australia won.

-The Australian open (Novak Djokovic won the title)

February 2015

– ICC Cricket World Cup begins

– AFL NAB Challenge begins




So those are most of the major sporting events that has happened since my last post. I will be updating a lot as the ICC Cricket World Cup is starting and I would love it if you can post some comments!!


Here are some questions……

Do you think I have missed any major sporting events?

What is you favourite sport listed bellow?

Australian Rules Football





Golf Motocross Racing



Or other

It’s my Birthday!

Last week I had my birthday. I played my footy game and won by two points. The scores were 15 to 17. One bad thing was we kicked 11 points! I reckon we could have done better, but at least we won! 🙂

From my birthday I have got some shoes and money from my friends and family 🙂

As part of my birthday too, I went to the Geelong and Essendon game. I wasn’t that happy that the Bombers lost by 9 points. But the next morning I got to meet Jake Carlisle (an Essendon player) at my younger brother’s Auskick! I enjoyed meeting him.

I also had two mates over that helped celebrate my birthday!

What is your favourite party you have had?

Did you play footy this week? If you did tell me what happened!

What AFL players have you met?

Socceroos Out

On Thursday, in Brazil, as part of the world cup, the Socceroos played Netherlands. As it was the third time they have lost and now they are out of the competition. They had a game against Spain two weeks ago but it didn’t mater if they won or not because they wouldn’t be into the finals (by the way, they lost).

Although they lost, they still played great! Tim Cahill kicked a lovely goal that sent the Socceroos fans roaring! I personally think it was the best goal in soccer history!  That made the scores 2-1 with Australia in the lead. But unfortunately Netherlands kicked two more goals which won them the match.

You have got to watch Tim Cahill’s goal, he is my favourite player. If you want to watch the video, click here or here or here. I think Chile will win the cup and I hope Australia keep trying!

Keep in touch for more world cup news.

Do you think Tim Cahill’s goal is the best ever goal in soccer history?

Who is you favourite soccer player?

What team do you think will win the cup?



Essendon Win Dreamtime Clash

On Saturday night, in the A.F.L which this week was an
Aboriginal round, Essendon played Richmond at the M.C.G (Melbourne Cricket Ground). It wasn’t just a normal game, it was Dreamtime at The G. It is a game where we think of all aboriginals in the A.F.L and also in Australia.  Essendon ended up winning by 50 odd points. It was a great game to watch and there were great things to here about.

Do you know anyone aboriginal?

Do you know any thing else about the aboriginal round?

Did you go to the game? If yes, what was good & bad? 


NOTE: This was meant to be posted weeks ago.


Out for 3

As you can see in the post bellow,  Steel Sidebottom bumped a St Kilda player. It would have hurt but as I said- it wasn’t that bad. The A.F.L made the decision and he got suspended for 3 weeks which meant he had to miss 3 games.

If you want to see the bump click here.


After seeing the bump, do you think he should be suspended?

What is the worst bump you have ever seen?

Sidebottom in Trouble

Last night in the AFL when Collingwood Magpies played St Kilda Saints, Steel Sidebottom (a Collingwood player) bumped into Maverick Weller (a St Kilda Player) in the opening 5 seconds of the game. The umpire reported him which meant he might have to face missing a couple of weeks. As the pictures shows bellow, he bumped into him fairly hard.

Steel sidbottom bump

Steel sidbottom bump (2)

I don’t think he should miss any games. He didn’t really get his head hit that hard.

Do you think he should miss any games, if yes how many?

Have you seen any other bad bumps this year?

Ablett Clear

Gary Ablett is one of the best AFL* players of all time and almost had to miss a game of two for elbowing Liam Picken (an AFL player) in the face. If he had have missed a week, he wouldn’t have been able to win the Brownlow Medal. The Brownlow medal is a special award given to one player every year, the player that has played the best. Ablett wasn’t guilty and he didn’t get suspended (missing at least one game). And I don’t think he should have either.

If you would like to see the video of him doing it, click here.

Do you think he should have been clear? 


What is the worst bump you have ever seen?


Go Pavlich

There are lots of AFL players that are great including Matthew Pavlich. The Fremantle Dockers player played his 300th game on Saturday night at Patersons  Stadium. Not only did he play his 300th game, he also kicked his 600th goal. He was the first Fremantle Dockers player to kick 600 goals and the 51st player in AFL/VFL. Matthew Pavlich also has lots of other AFL achievements. The achievement’s are:

  • Fremantle Football Club captain (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Doig Medal (2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011)

Even though I’m an Essendon supporter, I still like Matthew Pavlich.


Who is your favourite player in the AFL?

What other AFL players do you think are really good, who?


Sports Day Cancelled

On Thursday I was meant to be at Kilmore for the whole school Athletics Day. I was very excited about it until I found out that it was cancelled because of the rain. We now have one at school this Friday and I look forward to it.

At athletics day our school does:

-Long Jump

-High Jump

– Triple Jump


– Sprinting (my personal fav)

– Discus

-Shot put

– Captain Ball

-Over under

– Tunnel Ball

– Cross Ball

What is your favourite sport on the list?

Do you have a whole school athletics day?

If yes, what sports do you do there?

I really like Athletics and hope you do too!


Hello Everyone


My name is Bailey and this is my awesome Sportmainia Blog. Have a look around, follow links, play widgets and get live sport scores. I will try and update the post at least once a week and will always have at least two questions each post. Have fun!

Remember, you don’t have to be good at it you just need to like it!!

What is your favourite sport?

Why do you like sport?